Our mission at Vision Wealth Advisors is to provide our clients with planning advice and services in an extraordinary manner.

The people we serve are typically over age 50 and many own their own businesses. In addition, a large number of our clients are single, widowed or divorced women. Having grown tired of the “NOISE” in the financial world, they want wise, simple, common-sense solutions.

We LIVE for the feeling we get when our solutions relieve our clients of problems and burdens related to their finances and planning. Creating simple solutions to complex issues compels our clients to be advocates who are eager to refer their friends and family members.

We are in this business because we believe that as long as people are emotional about their money, there will be a need for what we do. We also love the opportunity to present an optimistic view of the future to our clients.

It is not our goal to achieve mass appeal or acquire thousands of clients, nor do we aim to be the least expensive. Thus, we are not a fit for everyone. But for some, we provide an established, independent, and experienced alternative to other financial advisors.